Tuesday, February 2, 2016

BBFS is an idiotic request

I'm gonna make a text shortcut on my phone for this thread.. for most of you.. this won't be necessary.. but for those who need a lecture.. this is it.

This doesn't just affect me.. it affects many of my colleagues.. and we share information.. especially blacklisting for bbfs requests.. however many of my fellow escorts who I don't consider colleagues may offer this (and some I know do!) for the rest of humanity that has some sense in their heads ignore this..

BBFS is a rampant and ridiculous service.. some of you are horrified to know we even get this request.. others are quizically wondering what BBFS stands for? Bareback Full service.. it means unprotected intercourse.

Yes.. believe it or not we get regular requests to perform this service. Often for an extra fee..

The request is often followed by.. I'm d&d free (drug and disease free).. like we're just supposed to trust a complete stranger with this..
and some are followed up with.. I will provide a test from a doctor.. like that's supposed to goldstamp approval someone that they won't provide a risk to me.

I sometimes lecture them with logic.. but sometimes I just tell them they're blocked and block them (mostly that's what I do..)

Any fool who asks me for that doesn't deserve my sage advice.. and definitely doesn't deserve to be considered for an appt to spend my valuable time with me.

For those who are still reading this who don't get the 'big deal'.. go get yourself educated a bit.. on the amount of std's on the rise..

If an escort is willing to do bbfs with you for an extra fee and trust you on 'your say so'.. don't you think she'll be doing with with every other tom, dick and harry who says the same thing???

Do you trust her? do you trust all the other 'dicks' she's been with?

I don't even offer BBBJ.. and just because you've seen me do both activities without protection in porn (2 1/2 months of that in 2008 in LA btw only in a secure tested environment) doesn't mean I will offer it in escorting.

I still shake my head every time one of these comes through to me.. but it's rampant... ugh.

new place to buy my movies and pics - piggybankgirls


Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Is the industry in a evolutionary stage where the next progression is role-play for the most part?

Blogger R Hammond said...
Your humble opinion....is the industry in a evolutionary stage where the next progression is role-play for the most part?

With all the various stages of the past couple of decades....it just seems like the days of a marginal introduction/script attached to sixty-odd minutes of sex-video isn't working and some soap-opera-like theme is likely to evolve next or be created.

I sat a few nights ago and watched a commercial network (German) which ran one of Russ Meyer's movies from the mid-70s....Vixen, I think. Russ tried to combine humor, a bare essentials script, and Amazon-like women into some drive-in movie situation. I was kinda surprised, amused, and entertained (at least by the scenes with the Amazon-gals). You wouldn't have gotten the uncut version of the movie on a US network, but the Germans were running this after 10PM over the open-air. As risque as it was in the late 70s...it is acceptable today (at least in Germany).

Anyway, my two cents.

My response to this:
While I offer role-play since I started doing porn and am quite comfortable with most of the roles I play with my clients in person or on cam.. most if not all of the escort colleagues I know other than dominatrix escorts are not in the slightest and will not ever offer it.

It is very popular with a good hefty portion of my clientele because they already often know me from my porn and are trying to play out a fantasy scenario from either my porn or their own fantasy.

However many of my clients do not need or desire role-play and I'm actually quite happy to be 'just me' on occasion as well :)

There are role-play hard limits I have as well.. I do not play submissive.. and I have others..

I am comfortable with the mommy/son, step-mom etc because I have had lots of practice due to my roles in porn..

I am not as comfortable being a domme.. because there is so much more creative thought which I haven't learned.. I was often teased that I wasn't quite 'mean enough' so even though there would be lots of call for it.. I leave it to my more experienced girlfriends unless the client understands that I'm 'mediocre' at it and need more guidance as to what they want in a session.

I am very happy role-playing a cougar.. because I am one! but I adore also being with an older gent who sees me as a 'pretty young thing'..

It's unique and different with every single person I meet on cam or in person.. it's only boring if the person is boring who you're with :) I don't need roleplay to 'get off' but some of my clients do.. and I'm completely comfortable with that.

Valentine's Day panties for you

I have put aside several red or near red pairs of panties I am ready to retire from my collection. normally when I do groups of panties for 7 days and what not.. there isn't a choice of color..well maybe one or two pairs.. but at that low price you can understand I don't offer particular choices. This offering is for 5 pairs or all of the 10 seen below.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

My 'vintage' porn - part one

People keep asking me when I'm going to shoot new videos.. but there's very little money to be made in porn and hardly any companies in Canada.. and unfortunately I am not legally able to re-enter the US. I may get a chance to get to Europe next year and shoot some new stuff.. BUT in the meantime I have a crapload of amateur porn that I shot from 2004-2008.. so I'm now going to offer that for sale. Unless you viewed me on camz back when they had all these members sites or were a member of my old members site you won't have seen any of this stuff..
The webcam shows I shot and the initial porn scenes I shot were done with clients who volunteered to be filmed during a session, people I met on adultfriendfinder, friends or my boyfriend at the time.. I wore wigs and many of my cohorts wore masks or only shot from the neck down.

The camera quality is lacking but you'll get to see me blossom in a way as I grew more comfortable with the idea of really getting into porn. Once I decided to 'go all the way' I ventured to LA in Feb of 2008 where I had a blast.. in the meantime I'm offering a crapload of content for sale.

Not sure how to present what I have so bear with me as I work on this!

Cam shows are 1 hr long and have several images to go with them in folders. I will send you the link to the show plus the images. Each are $12 US or $15 Cdn.  or all 7 (plus 2 shows - pics not pictured) for $60US, $90 Cdn. payable by Amazon.ca giftcard to carrie_moon2000@yahoo.ca

The names of folders are on each collage seen below.

Here is the original promo for my cam shows made in 2004


 My first amateur videos for my members site are 1:40 min in length total. You can purchase 3 videos for $9US/$12 Cdn or the whole set of 18 clips for $50US or $75 Cdn.  The titles of each clip are on the promo sample as you watch it.. this sample is music removed.. but very cheezy music accompanies each clip :P


Monday, November 23, 2015

Xmas package specials.. videos, panties, custom pics, webcam session.. oh my!

I want to purchase an infrared sauna and the one I want is very expensive.. BUT since I can purchase it through amazon I want as many giftcards as I can get for my xmas present to myself..

Please use Amazon.ca for your giftcard to pay for your xmas presents to yourself from me.

Video packages are as follows.

custom videos $150US or.. $200Cdn for 7-10 min. Can provide the script and once again one outfit and no other actors.. check out the most recent clips on my clips store for samples.. JOI videos for instance

for  $10US/$15 Cdn you can be sent Naughty Canadians via mediafire to your email address to download. One solo scene and one b/g scene. includes all the other scenes from other actors in the dvd.

for $25 US/ $40 Cdn You can choose 5 clips that are normally $8-10 on clips4sale to be downloaded via mediafire.

For $60 US/$90 Cdn you can have all group of domination clip. This is 3 1/2 hrs worth of video from Mistress Carrie Moon.
bull cock - 15 min; cuckold neighbor. 25 min; dogwalker 1-4 - 22 min; foot jerk - 6 min; maid threesome - 11 min; Asian strapon - 14 min; Swing strapon - 20 min; Jenna xdress and strapon - 18; Carrie Amazon outdoor - 6; carrie amazon 2 - 6; Bi Slaves - 16 min; Chinese Spank Slave  6:25; double ended dildo - 6; Old Slave 18 min; Black boy strapon - 17

For $30 US/ $45 Cdn you can have all my footjob clips

Ask about a package price for combined webcam/video/worn panty combo

Bra and panty sets $30 US/ $45 Cdn plus shipping (generally $10-15 for regular shipping)

Worn panties 3 pair $30US/ $45 Cdn plus shipping, 7 days(7 pairs) $60US/ $80 Cdn plus shipping.
These are random mostly cotton underwear which are my favorite style to wear. Thong or Satin full bottom are $40 US/$55 Cdn for 3 pair, 7 days $80US/$100 Cdn

Thursday, November 19, 2015

new custom pics page

Sorry it has taken me so long to post again.. looks like blogger did not follow through on their decision to close down adult content blogs.. at least for now.

I have been doing custom selfie pics for a while now by request and since it's become more popular I decided to make it a regular thing.. eventually I may make it a regular thing to do one solo video for viewers every month or so as well.. I just don't want the commitment of a members site again.. so this will likely be the closest thing to that.

Here's my link.. and it will be updated as I go with more ideas and more items for sale.


Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Posting hot vids on youtube

For a while now.. I have mainly used my youtube channel for my karaoke aka carrie-oke vids.. but I haven't posted much..
Now I'm posting slideshows of my pics.. and a few quirky fun and hopefully sexy videos..
today I had some fun making bouncy boobie videos.. I have one up now.. and will post more as I get them edited..
Please subscribe to my youtube.. and enjoy!


I will get some more karaoke up at some point too! xoxo Carrie.

Monday, March 16, 2015

scammer porn company

Here's my recent exchange with a prospective porn company.. who btw.. contacted me! I did not contact them..if it's even a 'legitimate' porn company.. could be any scammer with an email trying to shoot me.
I've only shot with an agent in LA and he had my back plus a massive reputation in LA. I never had any issues with any of my shoots and had a lovely experience there..
However I have shot with smaller companies and been burned on payment or content when I shot for 'exchange'

1)Any porn company worth their weight would never ask for a 'content exchange' to start with and dangle the prospect of further paid work later on..

2)When I tell them I'm not interested in 'content exchange' then get their nose out of joint..

This is actually a bit funny.... because according to this guy's claims.. how can I be 'hard to work with' if I'm not 'proven' in the industry..
buddy that makes no sense..

Plus both are wrong. 1) I'm proven in the industry even in my short time in LA.. I was prompt. easy to work with and all of the companies I worked with offered me to come back and do a lot more work.. but then as you long time readers know I can't legally re-enter the States.

BUT I don't have a website for my porn other than clips4sale and I can shoot my own 'content exchange' with any number of people I already know in porn if I'm at all interested.. but frankly I've done that and it's generally wayyyyyy too much work for very little return or I'd still be doing it.

I've shot several 'content exchange' shoots with veterans in the industry as well that I never ever saw! So forgive me if I don't jump at the chance to 'prove' myself to this dickwad and basically shoot for free first til I 'prove myself'. ugh... gimme a break.

Here it is..

  Sent from my
 On Mar 11, 2015, at 2:32 PM, Adult Productions

 Looking to hire Female Talent for
 Adult Video shoots.  We are shooting for some of the cable
 networks we service as well as for our own adult dvd
 Email us
 back if you are seriously interested and I will show you the
 type of quality video content we shoot and some examples of
 models websites we have already help start.  I look forward
 to hearing back from you.
 RELEASE: http://straight.theater.aebn.net/dispatcher/movieDetail?movieId=181531&locale=en&theaterId=13992&genreId=101

 On Thu, Mar 12, 2015 at
 9:36 AM, Carrie Moon <carrie_moon2000@yahoo.ca>
 I'm not available to
 shoot in the US. Do you shoot in Canada at all?

On Sat, 3/14/15, Adult Productions <cjvmann@gmail.com> wrote:

 Subject: Re: Adult Video Work Available for Female Talent
 To: "Carrie Moon" <carrie_moon2000@yahoo.ca>
 Received: Saturday, March 14, 2015, 12:46 PM

 can shoot in Toronto but it is more expensive for us to do
 so.  I am willing to do it if the first scene we set up is
 a content exchange scene.  Then we can shoot some paid
 gonzos for you...We sell to 3 different cable networks in
 Canada so I figure we could look to do some paid work with
 you for one or more of them. 
 Christopher AmmesCOAST
 RELEASE: http://straight.theater.aebn.net/dispatcher/movieDetail?movieId=181531&locale=en&theaterId=13992&genreId=101

On Sun, Mar 15, 2015 at 10:29 AM, carrie moon <carrie_moon2000@yahoo.ca> wrote:
Do you only shoot lesbian scenes?
I can't re-enter the states while I'm an active sexworker in Canada.. my passport is flagged. Sorry.. no interest in content exchange. cheers, C.

On Mar 15, 2015, at 11:21 AM, Adult Productions <cjvmann@gmail.com> wrote:

No we do boy/girl scenes too...but lets look at the situation.
You can't come into the States AND you give me no incentive in getting you into serious porn shoots by not doing a simple content exchange...I don't see any benefit for us as a company.
Sorry it just can't work.
On Sun, Mar 15, 2015 at 11:59 AM, Carrie Moon <carrie_moon2000@yahoo.ca> wrote:
That's ok. I'm not here to provide incentive. I expect to get paid for my work. I'm sure you know porn hardly pays any more compared to escorting which is what I do for a living. if you can't come to Toronto that's fine you don't have to take a snotty attitude

Sent from my iPhone
Oh we can come to Toronto, but I am not going to do so with a talent we have just never worked with before.  I dont throw paid work to just any girl...that is a privileged.  No worries though, from what I saw on you i get you can be difficult to work with, which actually explains why you would scoff at a content exchange first