Saturday, August 23, 2014

This week Aug 25-29 schedule in Mississauga and Hamilton.. plus few selfies

My schedule this week is Mon aft Aug 25 Mississauga (south end by QEW) til Wed noon.
Wed afternoon til Fri noon in Hamilton.
Still connect with me at 613-762-4551 (text is fine) to book an appt. Once again.. please fans do not text or call me... my number is for booking appts only.

Saturday, July 12, 2014


I've had a flicker acct for several years.. but since I have pics all over the place.. here.. twitter.. facebook.. etc I think it's a good idea to host the pics.. all the pics and just the pics.

I'm poorly organized with all my photos.. so they're not in the right order age wise.. but usually flicker gets the date taken of them right on the site in case I forget :)

a few selfies..

I post pics on twitter frequently.. and then eventually remember to post a few here.. so here they are :)

Calgary tour.. July 15-23

I have only been to Calgary once in my life and it was a very long time ago.. this will be my first escorting tour and I'm excited to finally make it to 'cow-town'. I've been wanting to for so many years..

I will be hosting at a condo in the Marda loop area.

Rates while in Calgary are $250 hh, $300 45 min, $350/hr, $600 2/hrs

longer appts.. just multiply hrs by $300.

Looking forward to enjoying all the Calgary men :) xoxoxo Carrie.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

I have moved!

I'm no longer in Ottawa.. I am now in Niagara region..
But I will be touring across Canada more frequently now.. as I'm only a wee bit over an hr from Toronto to fly to several cities.
I still cannot re-enter the US.. so please stop asking me to tour the major US cities.. I would love to! but homeland security needs to keep you all safe from us sex-workers here in Canada.. bleh :(

I keep getting emails and texts also.. asking when I'm making another movie. PORN doesn't pay! I did not earn much money even in LA for the movies I did.. and I don't get residuals..

It does bring me fans as clients though.. so I appreciate the advertising it brings me.

If you want to be in a video.. by all means book me for a session and then pay the extra $100 fee for your own personal video.. this is not for you to post online.. it is for your own amusement only.

I will post some pics shortly as I've been quite remiss..
but it's sooo much easier to just post on twitter.. so please follow me there for immediate pic uploads.

I will be keeping my Ottawa number for a while.. so just text me or call me there for an appt.

Do not call me just to say you're a fan.. PLEASE.. this is for business only. Thanks for understanding.. cheers, Carrie.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Mississauga Square 1 area today through til Thursday night/Fri am

I'm staying near Sq 1.. connect with me for an appt at 613-762-4551
Incalls are $200 for 1/2 hr, $300/hr. Outcalls are available for an extra fee. Couples M/M or M/F 400/hr
Filming is still available for an extra $100 fee. I have my camera and tripod if you don't have one. C.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

A Very Carrie Christmas!

This lovely image was made by a very talented artist - Matt Pott... please check out his work here Merry Xmas to all my friends and fans :) xo Carrie.